Today is the first day of the Student’s exchange program, and we are very excited and happy. After we arrived at Petra 5, there was an electricity outage. We asked the teacher why, and there was a blackout. After that, we waited for all of the students to come. After all of the students came, we went to Petra 7 Primary School because the electricity would not turn on. We haven’t been to Petra 7 Primary School, so when we arrived there, we were a little bit confused about the place because we had never gone to Petra 7. After that the teacher told us what to do and where to go. Eventually we went to our class together with my friends. In the class we prepared our things for the PEP, our iPads, our headsets and anything else. Then, we joined zoom. After that, we met a lot of new friends and teachers from Singapore. The class started with greetings from both school’s principals. Then, the students from Pei Hwa started the presentation about their school activities. After that, we joined our breakout rooms which consisted of 3 students; one from Petra, and two from Pei Hwa. We talked about life in Indonesia and life in Singapore. They are similar. After that, one of the teachers from Singapore entered the breakout room and gave us an activity to do. The activity was making flowers using lines and shapes in Google Slides. After we made the flowers, we worked together with Pei Hwa Students, we came back to the main room to listen to our Petra friends’ presentation about the history of Petra. After the class ended, we had lunch, and it was very delicious. At the end, we had such an explicit time at the student exchange program. Thank you, and God bless you. 

~ Sinclair, Isaac, Joanne ~

Today, May 17th 2022, we joined the PEP (Petra Exchange Program). This PEP activity was supposed to be held in Petra 5 Primary School. But, because the lights went out, we moved to Petra 7 Primary School. After the break time, we joined the activities with Singapore students, that was listening to presentations from Singapore students about history and activities at Pei Hwa. In that activity, the teachers asked us to make an art from shapes that were given before. We made the art flowers with Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School students and we discussed our drawing. Continuously, the students from Petra also made a presentation about the history and activities in Petra. Our presentation included the history, founders, the name of Petra and its meaning, and the logo meaning. We also presented about our schedule, extracurricular, and events such as bazaar, competition, charity program, art performances, fellowships, scout, etc. that are held in Petra Primary School. As usual, there would be a Question and Answer session after the presentation. The audience seemed interested in our presentation. They asked further about the extracurricular and games in the bazaar. Next, there was break time. We ate bakmoy rice topped with crackers and the teachers gave us shrimp paste as the sauce (sambal terasi). We really enjoyed the meal and activities. We hope that the next day will be more interesting. We can’t wait to do other activities in this students’ exchange program.

-Yesaya, Richella, Bryant-


Our report for the 17th of May, 2022. Today is the first day of the student’s exchange program. We had some training last week but now is the time for us to do the actual program. We wore Petra’s Batik uniform with black trousers as our uniform. We went to our school and arrived at Petra 5 Primary School. We arrived at about 7:45 AM but we had some issues with the electricity. At 8:28 AM, we decided to move to Petra 7 Primary School. At first, we got our tablets. We joined a zoom meeting and met some new friends in Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS). So in the zoom meeting, the PHPPS students were in a class with laptops but we used iPads instead. They presented about the history of PHPPS, and they also made an art game in which you had to make an icon. The game was fun, we could have a group discussion there. Then, it was our turn to do the presentation. Three of our friends presented about The History of PPPK Petra, Petra’s hybrid learning schedule and activities. After that we got a break. They gave us some delicious meals. After we were done, we were told by the teacher to make a daily report in our group. Then we went home and we did our activities that will be due at 3 PM. We also prepared for tomorrow as we need to bring our materials for the “Bambu Runcing Photo Frame” project. Our first impression of the Student Exchange program was great. We had some fun meeting some new friends from PHPPS and our friends from other Petra. We knew some new teachers as well. The Student Exchange program is a really great student activities program for you to improve your English and how you can talk fluently, improve your listening, grammar, and so much more. That is our daily report for the 17th of May, 2022. Thank you.

Livinia, Cheryl, Alvin


This was the first virtual PEP day and it was great. First we came into Petra 5 Primary School at 7.15 but there was a black out and we came to the class and waited for our friends. After waiting we had to go to Petra 7 Primary School because of the black out. It was the first time for us to go to Petra 7 Primary School. The school is very big and it’s great too. Before the class started, we had breakfast. After that, the class started. First of all, we listened to the Pei Hwa school in zoom, they were talking about the Pei Hwa school history, the schedules, and the activities at Pei Hwa school. Then we went to different breakout rooms and we had to copy the link in our phone so we could go to Google Slides. We also met our new friends from Pei Hwa school. We also had a group discussion with Pei Hwa Students. We were so excited that we had other friends outside our country. After that we listened to the presentation about the history of Petra, the schedules, and the activities at Petra Primary School. The students who presented are Alvin, Queena, and Kevin.Then we had a delicious lunch. After we ate lunch, the teachers told us to make a report in our group for today. After that, we prayed together. Then, we went home at 12.30. That’s all for today. Thank you and God bless you.


Members : Kevin, Juan, Gilbert.


Gallery Group 1

Today, 17th May 2022 is the first day of the Petra Exchange Program (PEP). When we arrived at Petra 5, there was a power blackout, so we had to move to Petra 7. After our group has arrived at Petra 7, we waited for our other friends to arrive. The teacher gave us a snack. The snack is chocolate bread and the bread is very yummy. After we had a break time, we tried to join the zoom meeting with Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We joined the meeting and we met Pei Hwa  Presbyterian Primary School Students, Singapore. We are so happy to meet them. They tell the history of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. So we know the “History Of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School”. Then our friends also presented the ” History Of PPPK Petra “. Then we played with our friends who came from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Our lunch is Bakmoy, and it’s very delicious! Then we went back to the main room and said goodbye to all our friends. We went downstairs so that we could go home. We’re a bit sad because we didn’t do the “Ice Breaking Activity” on Kahoot, but maybe tomorrow we can do the Kahoot game. That’s our experience on Day 1 learning with our friends from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Thank you. 

Linlin , Prince , Queena

Hello this is our report for Day 1. (17th May 2022) This morning there was a power blackout in Petra 5. Therefore we had to use some cars to move to Petra 7. We went to our class in Petra 7 and prepared things for the Petra Exchange Program. Then we joined the Zoom with Pei Hwa school. They greeted us. They are so friendly, and we met a lot of new friends and teachers there. Then our buddies from Pei Hwa gave a presentation about the history of Pei Hwa, the schedules, and the activity in Pei Hwa school. After that, we had an art collaborative activity. We had to make a flower from the shape that the teacher from Pei Hwa school gave us on Google Slides, with some of our new friends from Pei Hwa. And then it’s time for some of our friends (Alvin, Queena, and Kevin) to present Petra’s history. The presentation went well. Then after that, we finished our Student Exchange Program for today, we ate lunch and went home safely, but we have to make a report for today. I think that’s all from us.

Thank you for reading – The End –

Stephen, Keanu, Liany

Petra Exchange Program (PEP) Day 1

Hello! We are from PPPK Petra and today was our first day of the program. We gathered together at Petra 5 Elementary School  and then we moved to Petra 7 elementary School. We moved to Petra 7 because in Petra 5 there was a power blackout. To go there, we used some cars. We all said this was our very own field trip. Once we arrived, we went to the class. After a while, we finally met our new friends in Singapore. They were from a school in Singapore called Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. At first, they greeted us and they were very friendly. Then they continued with a presentation. They gave us information about their school.  Then, we had a collaborative art activity. The collaborative activity is all about our imagination flower. It went really well. After that, our friends: Queena, Alvin, and Kevin presented the pupils of PHPPS about the history of PPPK Petra and their activities they can do at school. It went really well and everyone gave applause. After that, we had lunch.  That’s our report for today’s activity.  It was really good and we learned everything new. We also want to say thank you to everyone who supports this program. We hope in the next two days we will get better and better. Thank you and God bless you.

Marjorie, Evelyn, Jordan

PEP Day 1

Today we had our first day of the Petra Exchange Program (PEP). There was a power blackout in the Petra 5 school so we had to move to Petra7 school. Then we joined the Zoom with the Pei Hwa students, we were divided into groups. We did collaborative learning on Google Slides, at first we didn’t know how to edit but then they taught us how to do it. Then we shared about our lives and our daily routine and other stuff with the Pei Hwa students. After that our friends from Petra started to present about the history of Petra, thankfully it went well. We did some Q&A session too. It was fun and interesting to know more about Pei Hwa School. Thank you and God bless you.

Nicholas, Isabelle, Michael

Gallery Group 2