Today is the second day of the PEP. We were taught by Mr. John Leung who was our main teacher, and Mr. Phuay Hang Wong who was our secondary teacher from Pei Hwa Primary School. After we joined the zoom meeting, Mr. John Leung told us to introduce ourselves using the Padlet app. We were asked to write our names, what school we were in, and our hobbies. Pei Hwa students were interesting and we also got to know them better. Then, two of our students from Pei Hwa presented about “Uniquely Singapore”. According to us, the most interesting part was when they talked about their cuisines. When they talked about the western cuisines, we liked all the food that was mentioned there. The food looked very delicious. There were many varieties of food there, there were Malay food, Indian food, and Western food. After that, the students from our school presented about “Surabaya City and Its Beauties”. We had a question and answer session. After they presented it, we did the collaborative activity. Today’s collaborative activity was from Petra school. We had to make a photo frame with Bambu Runcing decorations. We were very excited and very happy too. We started with folding the buffalo paper in half. Then we cut a square – shaped hole in the buffalo paper with our cutters. We made the Bambu Runcing decoration with pencils, chopsticks or straw and stuck it to the right side of the frame. It was very fun. We could learn something new. After that, we left the zoom meeting and had our lunch. The lunch was rice and chicken. It was a really delicious meal. After that, we tidied up our desks and went home. Thank You and God Bless You.


~ Joanne, Isaac, Sinclair ~ 

Today, May 18th 2022 is the second day of the PEP (Petra Exchange Program) with Pei Hwa Presbyterian primary school. The schedule we did was : at  08.00 – 09.00 was the preparation that we needed for today’s event. Students from Petra practiced their assignment, while the rest were practicing to sing a song entitled Best Friend. At 09.00 – 10.00 there was a break.The teachers gave us bread for breakfast. At 10.00 – 12.00, we met via zoom with Pei Hwa students. In zoom, Pei Hwa presented about Singapore including tourism places and traditional food. They also presented the Singapore Anthem song. While Petra Primary School students made a presentation about Indonesia and Surabaya city, including traditional food and traditional dance etc. After the presentation we made a craft in the form of a picture frame with the theme of sharp bamboo. The materials to make this craft are buffalo papers, origami papers, decorations, glue, scissors, and cutters. The craft was beautiful and we made it with our creativity. After we were done with the craft, we had a break or lunch time for 30 minutes. Then when we finished eating lunch, we prayed and went home. We had so much fun today because we could do a lot of things together with our friends from Singapore and others from Petra. That’s all from us, I can’t wait to meet in the next schedule. Thank you and God bless you.

-Yesaya, Richella, Bryant-


This is our report for the 18th of May, 2022. Today is the second day of PEP. Today was so fun. We went to Petra 7 Primary School for the second time. We had a break when we arrived. We got some bread. We joined the zoom with Pei Hwa Pupils at 10 A.M.. At first, we created a Padlet and we introduced ourselves and our hobbies. Then, Pei Hwa Pupils and teachers explained about Singapore. We met some teachers from Pei Hwa as well. The presentation was presented by Amelia and Paige. They told us that Singapore started its history in the 19th century. They also had some villages that have changed a lot. They also have some attractions, such as Marina Bay sands, Garden by the Bay, and so much more unique things. They also told us that Singapore has 4 different languages, mainly Singlish. They are a multi racial country. They also said that Singapore is an easy place to live, with its tropical weather and its public transportation. They even told us the meaning of Singapore’s flag. They showed us about the Singapore national anthem, the Singapore pledge, and some cuisine like Chinese cuisine, Malay cuisine, India and Western cuisine. The teachers had some Chinese names, such as John Leung, Phuay Hang Wong, and some other students’ names. Then Keanu, Marjorie, and Richella explained about Indonesia, East Java and Surabaya. Then, we had a collaborative activity with PHPPS Pupils. We made the “Bambu Runcing Photo Frame”. We were excited about making it. Time flies so fast, so the zoom ended and we had some delicious lunch. After we ate our lunch we got the homework  which we needed to write our report which required 200 words. We were told to do this as a team so it wouldn’t be that hard. We did the homework together when we arrived at home. Our impressions for this PEP training is great. We had so much fun together, we made new friends, learned about the history of Singapore, we learned more about English, and much more.


-Thank You & God Bless You-

Livinia, Cheryl, Alvin


Today was an awesome day because this was the second day of the Petra Exchange Program. Today we had to make a Bambu Runcing photo frame but before that we had to go to Petra 7 Primary School. We prepared all the stuff that we needed last night . We had some bread with floss on top for our breakfast. After that we prepared all the stuff that we needed today. We had to join a zoom meeting to meet Pei Hwa students. They presented about Singapore. They presented about the Singapore national anthem, the food in Singapore and much more. There are a lot of foods in Singapore such as burgers, dumplings, and we could find some of their food in Indonesia. Then, our friends in Petra had to present about Surabaya and Its beauties. Our friends presented about Indonesia, East Java, and Surabaya city. Everythings went well this morning. Then we had to make the Bambu Runcing photo frame and we already brought some equipment from home such as scissors, cutter, glue, and  three pencils or chopsticks or straws too. But before that, we listened to our friends explain about  the history of bambu runcing. It was really fun and Then we had lunch. The lunch was Cap Cay with fried tofu,rice and was delicious. Then we ended the class with a prayer.

Members : Kevin, Juan, Gilbert.


Gallery Group 1

Hello, we’re from Group 2A! Today we’re going to show you our activities for today ?. In the morning we arrived at Petra 7. We went to the third floor, and went to 2B Class because we’re Group 2. Then we waited for our friends to arrive?. After our friends arrived, the teachers gave us our iPads and other stuff. Before we joined Zoom meeting with Pei Hwa, the teachers gave us a snack which was bread. The bread was delicious ?. After that, the teachers said to us that we can use our mobile phones/ tablets while we wait for the host to start the Zoom meeting ⏰. We’re so happy! Then we FINALLY joined the Zoom meeting! We met our friends from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We watched our friends from Petra and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School do the presentation. It was so exciting?! Then we learned how to make a bamboo runcing frame. Our friends from Petra explained the steps. It was so much fun ?! After we finished making the bamboo runcing frame. We ate soup for lunch. It was yummy.? After that, we prayed and went back home at 12.30 p.m ?.

Thank you.

Linlin , Prince , Queena

Hello, this is our report for Day 2 ( 18th May 2022) 

The day started with us setting up our iPad, stylus pen, and headphone so we can use Zoom without any problems. Then we got our snacks, it was bread, yum! Then we had to do stretching. After we finished stretching, we already joined the zoom meeting. One of the teachers from Pei Hwa school told us to introduce ourselves using a Padlet, we had to write something about ourselves. Next, we joined the Zoom with Pei Hwa, then the Pei Hwa pupils did a presentation about Singapore. It was very interesting, they presented about “Uniquely Singapore”. After we listened to the presentation, we were so interested to visit Singapore again and try more of Singapore’s food, it looks so delicious. Next, it was our friends (Keanu, Marjorie, and Richella) to present about Indonesia and its beauties (Surabaya and East Java), it went well and some Pei Hwa pupils asked some questions. We answered them well too. Today’s art collaborative activity was from Petra, we made a Bambu Runcing photo frame. We used pencil, buffalo, origami, cutters, etc. After we finished, we left the Zoom meeting. Then we had our lunch. We ate rice, vegetable soup, and some meat. It was very delicious. After that, we tidied up our desks and went home safely. That is our daily report for today. Thank you for reading.


–  The  End   –

Stephen, Keanu, Liany

Petra Exchange Program (PEP) Day 2

Hi guys! So today we are going to tell you about the Petra Exchange Program Day 2. So after some of us arrived at Petra 7, we then set our IPads and headset. After we joined, it was still loading and waiting for the host, so then we ate some snacks, it was yummy. After waiting a few minutes, it still hasn’t started yet, so our teacher decided that we are going to do some warm ups. It was tiring but fun at the same time. And finally after we waited, the Zoom started, all of the class was very happy to see our friends from Singapore again. Then we greeted our teachers and let the Singapore students present a bit about Singapore. It was really cool, maybe we will visit Singapore if we have a chance. After they finished, it’s time for our friends to present a bit about Surabaya, Indonesia. The Pei Hwa pupils had some questions to ask, but they’re questions were a bit interesting too. After that we got to do the bambu runcing and it was presented by our friends, we had fun making it, but it was quite hard ?. Then we had lunch, it was really yummy, after that we then got some announcement from our teachers. After we prayed to be back at home safely, we hope this program can last longer. That is our report for today. We hope you guys like what we shared today. Thanks to all the teachers that are teaching us and thanks to our Pei Hwa friends for making this program even more exciting for us.

Marjorie, Evelyn, Jordan

PEP Day 2

Today we went to Petra 7 for the student exchange program day 2. We went to school at 7.45, we prepared the things for today’s activities. After everything was done, we listened to music while waiting for the zoom meeting with Pei Hwa school. The music was good, but we started to get bored, so the teachers told us to do some stretching, so we did it. Finally, the time came, we started the program at 10.30. Firstly, Petra students and Pei Hwa students had to tell things about themselves on Padlet, so we can know each other well. We started to open Padlet and wrote about ourselves then submitted it so everyone could read it, but some of us had some difficulties, so the teachers told the students who had difficulties to do it later after we finished the activities. 

Then, Pei hwa students started to share about Singapore, it made us want to go to Singapore. After that it’s our friends turn to share about Surabaya and Indonesia. There was a Q & A session for both Pei Hwa and Petra students to ask about our friends’ countries. For the last session for PEP day 2, we made a picture frame with bamboo runcing decorations. We had a lot of fun making it, but some of us and the Pei Hwa students weren’t done, so they’re going to continue it at their house. 

Today was very nice, and we hope tomorrow will go well too?

Nicholas, Isabelle, Michael

Gallery Group 2