Thursday, 19 May 2022

Today is the third and last day of the students’ exchange program. First, we prepared our iPads and our headphones then we joined the zoom meeting with Pei Hwa. We shared our thoughts through Padlet about the program and our friends ( which is Gilbert and Vallent) gave a speech about how we appreciated joining this program. Then, they (Jayden and his friend from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary school) also gave a speech about how we appreciate joining this program. After that, we sang a song named “Best Friend” and Pei Hwa students also sang the song together with us. They look very happy and excited to sing the song together with us. Then, we took a group photo together with our friends that joined the program. Then, we had our lunch. The lunch was rice and chicken with soup and some vegetables. Everyone in our class seemed to be enjoying the food. We hope that we can go to Singapore and also visit our friends from Pei Hwa physically when the pandemic is over. We also hope that we can talk to our Pei Hwa friends a lot more because they are friendly and it is very fun to talk with them. Thank you and God Bless You.


~ Joanne, Isaac, Sinclair ~

Hi everyone, this is group 1B, the members are Yesaya, Richella and Bryant. Today, May 19th 2022 is the last day of the PEP (Petra Exchange Program with Pei Hwa Presbyterian primary school. The schedule we did at  08.45 – 09.30 was preparation that we needed for today’s event. Students from Petra practiced their assignment, while the rest were practicing to sing a song entitled Best Friend. At 09.30 – 10.00 there was a break.The teacher gave us bread for breakfast. At 11.30 – 12.30, we met via zoom with Pei Hwa students. In zoom, Pei Hwa presented a Speech about their thoughts for the last day. Petra Primary School also gave a speech but after the speech we sang a song titled Best Friend. After the presentation the teacher from Pei Hwa gave a speech. They enjoyed our performance. After we were done with the speech we had a break or lunch time for 30 minutes. Then the teachers told us to make a testimonial and the teachers will take a video about our testimonial. After that the teacher told us to make a report for the last day. We had so much fun today because we could do a lot of things together. That’s all from us,  Thank you and God bless you.

-Yesaya, Richella, Bryant-


This is our last report during PEP on the 19th of May, 2022.  We did a lot of activities today. After we arrived, our teachers told us to write some reflections on the PEP book and we did some preparation before we started. Then, we joined the zoom with Pei Hwa pupils and teachers. They shared their thoughts during the exchange program. Then we shared our reflection through the padlet. After that Pei Hwa pupils shared some things, but we didn’t know what it was because the internet connection is not good today. We asked about what they do and it was about Pei Hwa’s appreciation. Then 2 of our friends did a speech. Then some of our other friends from group 1 and group 2, sang a song about “Best Friend”. Then we said a very warm goodbye to them. Then we had some lunch. After that, we took some pictures and videos for some memories and a video of a testimony. We made our reports but this time at our school.Then we went home and did other different activities. We hope we can keep contact with each other. Thank you and God bless you.


-Thank You & God Bless You-

Livinia, Cheryl, Alvin


Today is the last day of the Petra Exchange Program. It’s a little bit sad because this was the final day that we met our friends from Singapore and another Petra. First, we had mocha bread for our breakfast. Then, our friends practiced singing the song and we sang together. Besides that we turned on our iPad, prepared our headsets and joined the zoom meeting. Then we listened to the Pei Hwa speech about a summary of what we had done for the past two days and we were also grateful to the Petra Exchange Program so we could get to know Singaporean Pupils there. Then we listened to our friends who presented the speech that were Gilbert and Vallent. After that, we listened to our friends’ performance. They sang a song and then all of us sang together. The title song is called ” Best Friend ” It has beautiful lyrics about friendship. Finally, we left the zoom and we took some group photos. After that, our teacher told us to make a testimony about the Petra Exchange Program. But first we had to make the text first. Second we had to memorize it and third we had to record the testimony by the teacher. After that we made a report for today and we went home but before we went home we had to pray. So we closed this exchange program with God’s blessing. And then we went home. That’s all for today. We hope we can meet our friends from Pei Hwa School one day. Thank you and Gbu all.

Members : Kevin, Juan, Gilbert.


Gallery Group 1

Hello friends ! We are from Group 2A. Today we arrived at Petra 7 school, then we waited for our friends to arrive. Then the teacher gave us our IPads and a snack which was bread. The bread is very yummy. After we got the iPads, we prepared our Zoom. It was a test so that we could hear our friends singing. Afterward, we left the zoom. And then we wait for a while. After that the teacher told us that the Zoom meeting was started by the host. We listened to our friends from Petra and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School sharing about their feelings and experiences during this exchange program. Then we opened the Padlet and typed our reflection there. It was very fun. Then our friends sang the “Best Friends” song from Jason Mraz. We all said goodbye to our friends from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Then we ate lunch which was nasi Hainan. After that, we wrote this report. Then we had to prepare our testimony which would be recorded by our teachers after that. We are going to be very sad because this is the last day of the Petra Exchange Program 2022. We hope that next year there will be more programs like this.


Thank you and God bless you.

Linlin , Prince , Queena

Hello This is our report for day 3 ( 19th May 2022 ) 

In the morning we went to our class, turned on our iPad, prepared our headsets and joined the zooms. The Pei Hwa teacher and our friends from Pei Hwa greeted us. All of the students thanked each other for making the Student Exchange Program happen. Before that Pei Hwa’s teacher told us to use the Padlet and tell our first impression about this program. After that our friends from Pei Hwa gave us their speeches about their first impressions. Then our friends sang a beautiful song called “Best Friend”. We use this song to thank our best friend. Then we said goodbye to Pei Hwa then the zoom ended. We took some group pictures. After we took pictures we ate lunch then we made a testimony about the Student Exchange Program. Then we had to do our report for today’s activities. After the report is done, we can go back home safely :D. That’s all for our report today.

Thank you for reading.


                        -The End – 

Member of The Group : Stephen, Keanu, Liany.     

PEP Day 3

Hello everyone we are now in the last day of PEP 2022.

​So we gathered in Petra 7 Elementary School and we had to make an appreciation note in our PEP note because we are going to write it down in a Padlet. After that we had to test the singing so when its the time the pei hwa students and teachers will hear it clearly after that we were waiting for the zoom with pei hwa but we were waiting for a quite long time so we were playing spot the difference, and it was really fun. After we spotted the difference we joined the zoom with pei hwa. They show us appreciation that we can get along together. After that our friends: Gilbert and Vallent  showed  appreciation to one another. After that our friends: Joanne, Jordan, Liany, and Issac will sing us a song and Sinclair will play the piano. The title of the song is best friends. It went really well and everyone applauded. After that we had to open an application called padlet for the appreciation note that we write in our PEP book. And lastly we have to say goodbye to our friends and we felt really sad. Before we finished this journal. We want to say thank you for teaching us and helping us from the very beginning until the very end. You guys really made us happy. We really hope that we can last long together and we will never forget this day. Thank you and God bless you. (Evelyn ?, Jordan?, Marjorie ?).

PEP Day 3


Today was our last day of PEP. We were kinda sad about it, but we had a lot of fun and knowledge in these 3 days. Today, we all said goodbye and gave a speech to each other. Pei Hwa students said the goodbye speech and then showed the pictures during the PEP. Then our friends from Petra gave a speech, and they sang a song called “best friend”. And we said goodbye to our friends in Singapore many times. After that, we took a photo as a group and then we ate lunch. Next, we had to take a photo and make a testimony and the teachers recorded us saying the testimony we made. Finally we wrote this report, and went home.

Nicholas, Isabelle, Michael

Gallery Group 2