Name: Laura Amelia  
Team: Team 1 
Day & Date: Friday, June 3rd , 2022 
Avenue: Petra 1 SHS 
Time: 10 AM to 3 PM 
Agenda: First virtual meeting with Dunman HS 

I must admit, I was very nervous before my very first meeting with the Dunmans. I even did some  warm-ups and exercises with my mouth before to have better articulation during speaking with  them. Because, usually, when I get nervous, I tend to start blabbing and the words that I say get all  mixed up. I also practiced doing some conversations with my foreign friends to prepare myself.  To my surprise, the event was less-scary than I had imagined. My team and I had a small discussion  on the topic with the Dunman students and we managed to finish the proposal on time. I find it  really interesting that they are able to work on the given tasks so quickly and flawlessly. 

Our introduction with the Dunmans went quite well. Honestly, it was awkward at first since it’s our first ever meeting together. However, we were finally able to discover each other’s talents and  hobbies, which was very interesting. Apart from introducing ourselves one by one, we also  discussed about our project in general. For instance, challenges we may face during the process,  searching for references/ journals that will be used, the purpose of the project, and questions that  might be asked during an interview with the informants. All those that we had discussed altogether  are also written on our proposal. 

I think we have enough preparation for this project. We’ve gathered as much resources, articles,  journals, and references as possible. Each of us has also did a brief research regarding on Fashion  and Design, our given topic. My team and I are fully committed to finish the project together until  it’s finished and to give our very best into all of our work. I am very satisfied with this first meeting  with the Dunmans. It was truly such an unforgettable experience and very memorable to me. I’m  grateful to be able to experience this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.