Our Last Day at School

Greetings everyone. Today is a little sad for us, because today was our last day at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. As usual, we woke up at 4.45. We got dressed for our performance then we went to the lobby. At the lobby, the dancers practiced so that our performance later at Pei Hwa would go smoothly. After that, we got our breakfast, we prayed and then we went to the bus. For about 20 minutes, we were already at school.

We did Morning Devotion at the 4th floor, then we did our performance. We sang and danced Surabaya and Rek Ayo Rek. Thank God, It went well. The Pei Hwa teachers and students loved our performance. Later, we went to the canteen to eat our breakfast. At 9.15 our buddies came to pick us up, then we went to the classroom. At 10.45 we had recess. It was so yummy because it was eggs and fish balls. After that, we went to the Hosanna Auditorium to do a farewell goodbye to our buddies. We exchanged our gifts and phone number. We were so sad. Chloe was crying because she was so sad, she even made Ms. Adriana cry too. We were so sad when we had to say goodbye to our buddies, we had to go back to our class. We commited to keep in touch one another. The last day was so fun, and then when finished the lesson at 13.30. Winston said a final goodbye to his buddy, Quan An and hugged him but Winston couldn’t hug and say a final goodbye to his other buddy, Elliott because he was sick. Winston was so sad. Four days in Pei Hwa gave us lots of amazing experiences. We studied together, ate, and played together. We felt welcomed and loved by our buddies, other students and the teachers from Pei Hwa. Thank you Pei Hwa teachers and students…

After class, we walked around Pei Hwa neighbour area and visited Bukit Timah Food Centre. After that, we went to a place where we can learn about transportation. We went to a VR headset simulator as a bus drivers. Selena tried it, she said it was exciting. When she tried it, she looked left and she saw the passengers went into the bus. She was very scared then she screamed so loud. We were all laughing when she screamed. After we finished playing a lot of stuff we had to go to the next location.

The next location was Plaza Singapura. We went there to do shopping. The mall was so cool. After we finished at Plaza Singapura, we went to another Chinese restaurant. We ate fish, chicken, meatballs, and soup. After we finished eating at the restaurant we took a picture outside a luxurious hotel. Then we went back  to the hotel.

Before we went to our room, our teachers told us to tell about what positive things that we got from this programme, reflected on what we did that might make someone sad and committed to do better things after this progamme. Most of us suddenly cried. We hugged, and we felt our friendship grew stronger. We’re also sad because we might not able to see other. However, we believe that we’ll always befriends. After that, we went back to our own rooms. We hope that tomorrow we could have a safe flight to Surabaya. Thank You and God Bless You