The First Day of PEP

Today, April 2nd was the day we were waiting for because we went to Singapore to join PEP.

This morning we gathered at soerabaya cafe in Juanda 2 terminal. There, we received our passport, name tag and souvenir. After we had some briefings, we prayed and then we said good bye to our family.

We went into some areas to check in. Before we entered the plane  we got into the bus. It was amazing, we were happy although some of us had to stand up because no more space to sit.

Plane departed at 7.16 and arrived at 9.22. At the plane, We had our delicious breakfast.

Later, we all landed and  we needed to do some checkings before exiting the airport. After that, we took our luggages and got into the bus.

The next trip, we visited the Merlion Statue, Mr. Eric told us the legend about it. The country’s name is called Singapore. In Indonesia, “Singa” Means lion, and “Pura” Means city. So it basically means Lion City. And for the Merlion, it is a tiger with the tail/feet of a fish. Because, Singapore used to be a fishing port.

Next we took a lot of pictures! We were happy, thirsty and tired at the same time. We went to 7-11 and bought some water. It was around 3 dollars,  some thought it was expensive but it was normal in Singapore.

After going to Merlion, we went to a restaurant to have lunch. We ate tofu,  chicken, vegetables, and shrimp. Some of us only ate a little bit but some of us ate a lot. We were really full but it was delicious!

After we had lunch, all the students went and arrived at China town. We were tired because it was hot outside. We went to some department stores to buy some souvenirs. Then Mr. Eric explained  us about some facts and history about China town. After that we took some photos at a 3d drawing on a wall. Then Mr. Eric sent us to go shopping for some souvenirs.

After we went to China town, we went to a restaurant called YEN NI. We ate some delicious food, like shrimp,  pork, chicken, vegetables, eggs, and some watermelon for dessert. We were so happy about it.

Later we went back to the bus and arrived to the RELC International Hotel. We got our luggages and went in. We were so happy about it! When we got into our rooms, we took a shower. We enjoyed the room and continued the journal in the other’s room. Suddenly, 2 of our groups forgot our room card and got locked out of our rooms. Some thought it was funny, some panicked too. But in the end, were helped by Mr. Jo and finally we were so relieved and so.

The best moment were when we got our rooms and food! The room was so spacious, comfortable and it had a balcony. We were very excited! And for the food, it was super delicious! We enjoyed it although some of us had allergies. The funniest part was when we got locked out.


Group 2:


Ms. Jeane