Our Wonderful Day On The 3rd Day

Today was the 3rd day. We didn’t want to be late to school so we hurried up to dress up.

When everyone got ready, we all gathered at the lobby, prayed and went into the bus to Pei Hwa School.

In Pei Hwa school, we immediately went to the cafetaria to have breakfast. The breakfast was very delicious! We all enjoyed it very much  Then, we went to class with our buddies.

At 9 a.m, we learned the Chinese drum at Hosanna Room, taught by Mr Patrick and 3 Pei Hwa students. It was a little bit difficult because we should beat the sticks with the right rhythm to make harmonious and wonderful Chinese musical instrument. The trainer was so patient in teaching until all of us could play well. It was one of our favorite lessons during this day.

At recess time, we were free to choose some menus at the stalls. All food were really delicious. There, We must put the utensils back on the proper place after using them.

After school time, We went into the bus.

At the bus, Mr. Jimmy told us about NEWater and explained how Singapore’s tap water is about 99,99% clean and safe for drinking! We were so fascinated. However, he also told us that we should save water for better next generation. In the new water, there were games, fun facts, and many more! While going through the places, we were explained about the three steps to make water clean . We had to focus so we wouldn’t miss the information! Finally, we saw a video about how Singapore’s been producing clean water.

Next we continued the trip at Jewel. It is the world’  tallest indoor waterfall. We thought that it was so extraordinary. We had a photo session together and explored the places. We also went to Irvins and the employee explained about the company. Furthermore, we had some samples of snacks and noodle. They were super delicious! We filled up the form and decided to buy some snacks and noodle. After that we went to 7-eleven and bought some things at the supermarket.

Furthermore, We had dinner at Swi-Kee restaurant. We ate chicken, vegetables, fish and drank some tea. We made hilarious jokes at that time, we were so happy! After dinner, we all went back to the bus. At the bus, we practised Surabaya and Rek Ayo Rek songs, then continued singing children songs, like: Old Mac Donald, the wheels on the bus, baby shark, etc. Although we were tired but we enjoyed the togetherness. We kept singing until we didn’t realize it was already near the hotel! At the hotel, we gathered at the 13th floor, had some briefings and made a journal. At the end, we went to our room, took a bath and slept.

The amazing moments were when We practised the Chinese drum at school, went to Jewel and Irvin’s store to try and buy some snacks. We also loved the happy time along the way back to the hotel in the bus. We wish for tommorow we can do our friendship day well and also get closer to our buddies.

Group 2:

Cecil, Michelle, Jeva, Jordan, Collin