PEP – Second Day :

My First Day in Pei Hwa School 

Today was our first day to meet our buddies at Pei Hwa school. We woke up early at around 5.00 AM, took a bath and got dressed  for school  Around 6 AM we went down to the lobby. We got our breakfast and pins. Then we went into the bus to school. According to us, the bus was fancy and beautiful!

After we all arrived at Pei Hwa School, we were welcomed by the teachers and students. The school was big and it has 6 floors. They also greeted us with a warm welcome. We came into the cafeteria and had our breakfast. We couldn’t eat all food because it has large portion and we were so full! After breakfast, we were introduced with our buddies. We went to our classes by the stairs. It was on the 6th floor so we were so tired! We attended our class and learned about the culture on friendship day. Then we entered Hossana room to see some Pei Hwa students played Chinese drum to greet us as guests, they played very well! Then, we had 10 minutes to introduce ourselves with our buddies. After that we had ice breaking which was catchphrase game. We were very confused to find the answers but the game was challenging! The winners got the jelly cube. Then we went into our class with our buddies. Jeva’s class was science, english, music, math. Cecil’s class was the same but without music lesson. Jordan’s class was math, science. Collin’s class was English, math, religion. Michelle’s class was English, math, science. It was tiring but really fun! We got wushu at the end of the lesson. The lesson was interesting because we haven’t got this lesson before. The teacher was so friendly and energic.

After school, we went to Garden by the Bay and cloud forest. The Garden was very cold almost 20° C.

They had a lot of wonderful and special plants and flowers. The tour guide gave us tickets to go inside the garden, we mustn’t lose the ticket because we only got 1 ticket. There, we took some photos and enjoyed the nature.

After we went to the Garden by The Bay, We went to a restaurant. The meal of the dinner was yummy. There were eggs, French fries, fish, chicken, fish meatballs, vegetables, and fruits. We really enjoyed it!  Finally, we went back to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, we gathered on the 13th floor, made a journal for the day. Then, we went back to our room, took a bath and were ready to sleep.

We think the amazing things were going to Garden by The Bay, cloud forest and meet our buddies in Pei Hwa school. We hope tomorrow we can do better at school and learn more about NEW WATER.

Group 2:
Jeva, Collin, Michelle, Jordan, Cecilia