PEP Day 4

Today was the friendship day in Pei Hwa. We gathered at the hall and joined the activities. The teachers at Pei Hwa wore traditional clothes so do Petra teachers and students.
Michelle, Sharon and Jordan went on the stage and presented about their traditional costumes, namely: ulos, lurik, and kebaya
After that, there was drama performance played by 2 Pei Hwa teachers. The story taught us about good things in friendship. The teachers acted so well and funny. They also called volunteers to join drama.
After it was over, we had our breakfast in the cafetaria and joined classes with our buddies. Next, we went again into the hall to prepare our performance in singing and dancing for tomorrow. We wanted to make sure that everything will be ready for tomorrow.

Then, we had recess time, we could choose various food in some stalls. the food were very yummy!
Then, we went to art class on the third floor. The teacher was really nice! She taught us about the flowers and their meanings. She also taught us how to paint flowers using brushes on the small round traditional bamboo. Some of us were struggling but some of us, like Collin, Evan, Chloe did very well. However, time was very limited until we couldn’t finish it. Teacher told us to continue it at home and we brought it. Before it was over, We took pictures and went back to our class. At 1.30 p.m the school finished and we said goodbye to our friends and teachers.

The journey after school was in S.E.A Aquarium. We were very excited!
We saw many kinds of beautiful fish, they were so cute. We were escorted to a place where there were super duper cute dolphins. The trainers fed and played with them! We were very happy although our pants got a little wet because dolphins splashed the water with their fins. After going out from the dolphin’s pool, we saw various fish and sharks from other areas. Everyone was so happy to see them. Finally, we entered the souvenir shop, there were toys, key chains, stationaries, dolls and so on. The price was rather expensive but some of us bought them.

Then, We walked out and saw some shops there, one of them was Candylicious. Many of us visited and bought sweets. Around 15 minutes later, we got into a monorail train and went to Vivo. There, we went dinner to a restaurant called Song Fa. It sells food called Bak Kut Teh. The taste was fantastic and amazing!
After that, we went sightseeing and visited some places, like popcorn shop, bread, smiggle, etc. We were tired but we were happy! Finally, We went into the bus and went back to the hotel. In the hotel, we got some briefings, made our journal, took a shower, and took a rest.

We think our favorite parts were when we went to see the dolphins and got the art lesson, they were so terrific!
For tomorrow, hopefully we can perform at the hall, in front of Pei Hwa audience well and we can have best moment in sharing the experience during studying at Pei Hwa school. Not to forget, giving souvenir to buddies.