Day 5: Never Say Good Bye

Today was the end of our studying at Pei Hwa school. We couldn’t stand to meet our buddies. We directly woke up, got dressed and went downstairs to the lobby. After we had some briefings, we went into the bus and continued to school.

At school, we went to the hall. Teacher started the school day by singing Singapore anthem, the pledge, and Pei Hwa Hymn. In this hall, we had morning devotion about good Friday led by religion teacher. There was a little game too. Jordan, Jesslyn and their buddies played rock, paper and scissors, Jordan made into the final round but he lost with Jesslyn’s buddy, however, in the end, the kids on the stage were given gifts.

After morning devotion, we performed the songs “Surabaya Oh Surabaya, Rek Ayo Rek” with the dancers: Cecilia, Jesslyn, Kezia, Chloe, Celine, in front of the Primary students and teachers. The audiences gave a big applause for us. We’re actually very nervous but we could manage it and did our performance well. After performance, Ms Adriana, Ms Jeane, Ms Yenny and Mr Jo were given souvenirs. They were given four Chinese art bamboos decoration. The designs were: fish, panda, lotus and sakura. After recess time,  we gathered at Hossanna room. We made farewell activities. Collin as the representative from Petra students went in front and did the farewell speech. We exchanged the souvenirs, opened and took photos. On the other hand, Pei Hwa principal, vice principal and Coordinator of PEP got the souvenirs from PETRA too. Frankly speaking, We were pretty sad because we had to get separated with our buddies, left the school. Anyway, although the school was over but our friendship was still everlasting.

Next trip was going to the neighborhood of Bukit Timah. Mr Jimmy, the tour guide told us that there were houses made by Singapore ‘s Government, which were called Kampoeng Spirit. We were amazed by how the Singaporeans care each other. Next, we went to the playground. There were  swings, slides, and many interesting places! We also went along the Food Centre, which was just like the traditional markets we find in Indonesia, and the foods were yummy and hygienic.
Then, we continued the trip to Singapore ‘s Mobility  Service. There, we had some time to play, watch video about the transportation in Singapore, read some books about it, etc. We had so much fun playing together.

Then we went dinner at Simply Peranakan restaurant in Plaza Singapura. We ate fried chicken, vegetables, meatball, soup, and some apples for dessert. All food were very yummy and healthy. The apples were small but sweet. We really enjoyed eating there.

Then we went back to the hotel and did our reports. After that, Ms Adriana told us to reflect ourselves about the good things we had learned during 5 days in Singapore/ Pei Hwa, the bad things that sometimes made others get hurt and the commitment for becoming better and better persons.

Finally, we, Petra friends and teachers, hug each other and said thank you for supporting in sadness and happiness during few days. Suddenly, tears fell down from most of us when we said good bye. We felt like time has gone so fast.

We wish tomorrow we could meet again and play more before going back home.