First Day at Singapore

Today is our first day at Singapore, we got excited. This morning, we woke up about at  2 – 3 o’clock. We prepared and cleaned ourself. After that, we went to the airport and we met at Soerabaja Cafe. We got our passport and airplane ticket to go to Singapore. In the airplane, we watched some movies and got some food to eat during the flight. We enjoyed the food and it was very tasty. We went to Singapore for 2 hours. We left our plane and we got checked by the security. We lined up to get our luggage. Then we were waiting for the bus to picked us up on a Singapore tour. The tour guide name was Mr. Eric. He told us “fun facts” about Singapore. Next, we had lunch time. We all enjoyed it and the food was amazing. After that, we went to Merlion. We took pictures with the Merlion. We went to Seven Eleven to buy some drinks and snacks. Then, we went to China Town and we bought some souvenirs such as chocolates, candies, and so on. We were exhausted, but we still had dinner in our schedule, so.. we kept going. Our dinner was delicious and fulfilling. We had our last bus trip with Mr. Eric to our hotel. And now we are going to sleep.

Highlight of the day :
Going to Merlion and getting splashed by its water.

Our wish for tomorrow :
Having a lot of fun together while exploring Garden by the Bay.

Group 3 :
Leader : Celine
Members : Kezia, Evan, Mack, Christopher.