Singapore day 5, Our Last Day in Pei Hwa

We woke up and then we prepared our stuffs and took a shower . After that we went down to the 1st floor, then we prayed, after we prayed we walked to the bus then we went to Pei Hwa school. We arrived there and went to the hall to hear about good Friday. It was the time to perform our dances with the song rek ayo rek and Surabaya. We were really nervous! After we were done performing, we went to Hosanna and we took our things with our buddies. We went to our class, we learned some lessons such as: P.E, Math, Science, English, and more. After we learned the lessons, we had recess session at 10.45 a.m., we got coupons  to buy food. After we were done eating, at 11.15 a.m we went to Hosanna auditorium. We exchanged our souvenir with our buddies. It was really exciting, after we exchanged our souvenir with our buddies wr had our farewell ceremony and saying good bye, we were so sad.

We went to our school class to learn more lessons again until 1.30 p.m. After we finished our lessons we went to Hosanna to meet up,after some time we lined up outside. Then we went to the Pei Hwa school’s neighborhood by walking, we went to a children park for our other friends to play it was fun! after that we went to the food center to explore,then we went to the Pei hwa school to sit before going in the bus,then we went to the bus and sit down because were going to Singapore mobilty gallery it was really fun! We had some fun playing games and learning facts it was so interesting! Then  we went back to our bus after that we went to the Singapore plaza we were trying to go somewhere but we accidently went in the wrong direction we were frustrated after that Mr Jimmy sent  us to the right direction. It was long so everyone was exhausted!,When we went back at the same location,we met ms Hariyati and  went to dinner which the name was Simply Peranakan. We went to our table and then we ate. It was delicious! Everyone enjoyed it!,while we were eating some of us were playing guessing games and it was really fun! Outside we took a group picture then we lined up and went to the bus. After about 20 minutes, we arrived at the hotel. We went in and went up to the floor 13, now we are writing this report.

Highlight of the day : the highlight of the day was definitely when we were at Pei Hwa, performing for the students from Pei Hwa.

The wish for tomorrow : We wish we could fly back to Surabaya safe and sound.