Singapore Day 6

Today is our last day in Singapore, we’re a bit sad but also happy because we would see our family again after 6 days in Singapore. So, today we put our things in our suitcase, we had to make sure nothing was left. Mr. Jo came to make sure all okay. Then we had breakfast on the 4th floor. It was so crowded! We had our breakfast and it was delicious, there were : salad, toast with jam, eggs, sausages, porridge, tea , milk and so on.
After eating, we went to our room and checked again. Mr. Jo also checked our bags and things too. After that, we 1could go down met other teachers and Mr. Jimmy. The driver and Mr. Jo helped us to put the suitcase in the luggage. First, we went to SG Science Centre, we learned about science in a fun way. There was a room where we could face many kinds of phobias.
It was a lot of fun. We tried a lot of media or tools there. We learned about disaster and a lot of more things. There was a science show at the end, an electricity show with some attraction. After science center, we went to our bus and shopped in Marina One. The boys bought some Pokemon cards, they loved it ! Not too long, we went for lunch, we had barbeque and some soup. The ice cream was nice too! After eating we went to our last trip which was the airport, Chang-I. We said goodbye and thank you to Mr.Jimmy. We did all things and checked in. The flight was at 7 p.m so we waited and wrote this report.
Finally the staff called us to enter. We got into the plane and had our flight.

Highlight of the day : We are so happy because we will see our family and home again.
I wish that we could see our friends and teachers again in the future.