Shopping Spree at Jewel

Starting to get used to the atmosphere in Singapore, we all woke up around a little past 5 AM except for Jens.

Turns out we were still late, even though all of us had already finished breakfast by 7.20 AM. The school bus took more or so 20 minutes to arrive. By the time we arrived there, the gate was already closed.

Some of us were already waited by our buddies, but some of us weren’t. With some communication from the school’s teacher we met our buddies again. Overall the class went by rather smoothly today for all of us. We ended today’s class at 1.30 PM sharp to head for NEWater.

We were driven to a place called NEWater. There, we discovered how Singapore didn’t have a sustainable water source and so they came up with an idea to help the situation. They came up with an idea of purifying the water. There are three steps for purifying water. First was microfiltration or ultrafiltration, the reverse osmosis, and lastly the UV disinfection.

After the tour, we went to Jewel Changi Airport to visit the irvin’s shop. They welcomed us and offered to taste test their products. Unsurprisingly, almost all of us bought irvins products in just a few minutes there. We ended up having everyone bring a yellow paper bag. Since the paper bags are piling, Winnie thought of a way to be more efficient by using the airport stroller up until the exit door. The tour guide gave us some time to explore jewel itself. Our top priority was searching for Edward’s bag replacement. He ended up at a somewhat good price and finally obtained his long awaited new bag. Nevertheless, we can definitely say that our wallet doesn’t look good.

We had dinner after being picked up by our bus. We ate at a chinese restaurant named “Sing Swee Kee”. At the end of the dinner, Ivan had an idea to sing happy birthday to Juan even though it’s not his birthday. The gangs were in on the idea so we did the celebration with a bash and the elementary joined us to clap with us. In the end we head back to the hotel once again to rest up.

We would say that searching for Edward’s bag is the highlight for today, but the sight of Sir Tian watching our paper bags while he rests and we’re still exploring the airport was also a sight that can’t be forgotten. It was just like a dad waiting for his children at a mall.