Although useful, these morning calls are annoying. Interestingly they sell “burnt cheesecake”, literally a burnt piece of cheesecake, and you need to pay 8 dollars.

Unfortunately it was raining, so we needed to use our umbrellas and raincoat to get to the bus.

First day school review:

It was our first time visiting the school, so it was exciting. I met and followed my buddy to their classes. There was a time when I was very sleepy listening to the lecturer, yet overall it was all great. During recess I went to the canteen. I bought chicken rice for $2.8 and it tasted nice.
~Fina perspective~
Group 2
aside from my buddy, I also met my buddy's friend. To my surprise he talked Chinese (just like i do), and he likes the same song as i do.
~Lynn's perspective~
Group 2
I was mainly surprised by how delicious the canteen was, I think there were 16 booths there. My buddy was friendly, though he spoke so quietly, so i needed to get really close to hear him.
~Kenneth's perspective~
Group 2
The school was spacious, the cafeteria had a lot of food options, the facilities were top notch and the buddies were very friendly.
~Brandon's perspective~
Group 2
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Third destination in singapore: 


Garden by the Bay was beautiful. Plants from all over the world were showcased there, we have never seen that many plant types in the same place before. The flower dome had a limited sakura exhibition, it was quite unbelievable to see real sakura outside of Japan. Cloud forest was decorated with an avatar theme and let us tell you, it wasn’t just some cheap decoration. Detailed to each habitat, it made each character highlight even better. After the tour, we went to the souvenir shop. And of course, we needed to go buy one of the best burgers out there, shake shacks.

Unexpected moment here: kenneth got a free french fries.

And once again ladies and gentlemen we lost ms vony.

We decided to go easy on dinner. Instead of mass eating, we did mass drinking. After a long exciting day we went back to our hotels.

Highlight: ms vony lost us all the time (we were going to places without anyone knowing ?)