The late Tuesday

We did our usual morning and start our day with classes in Dunman. It turned out we were late for the class although we’d been running from the bus to the lobby area. The classes goes on with some lectures and tutorials and we went off the class at 1.30 pm. We started our tour at the NEWater, but we couldn’t really enjoy the area that much. Moving on to the most exciting part, Jewel Changi, there was this brief explanation of this popular snack called ‘irvins’ and indeed everyone bought tons of these snacks. We stroll around and found another ‘heavenly’ snack – tokyo milk cheese. Hence, some of us also bought the ice cream. After quite a while shopping at Jewel. We went for a delicious chicken rice dinner. We did a little prank to juan as if it was his birthday. We were celebrating ‘his birthday’ and definitely it was humiliating and hilarious at the same time. After having a filled stomach, the next thing to do is sleep. So we went back to relc hotel and did a short briefing about the time table tomorrow.
Highlight : We were amused by the huge waterfall in Jewel and enjoyed shopping there.