We all got up at 6.00 am as usual, preparinh for the day and going down to get breakfast. We wore orange today and it reminded us of a shopping app, which was an occuring joke throughout the day. Another thing about today was that we had to eat fast because the bus left at 7.20. The early bus was due to our schedule. Today we arrived just on time for our class at Dunman High school and waited for our buddies to get us, then we went to our separate classes.

We started our school day with the assembly, that were lead by our homeroom teachers. We talked about mental health, mental illness and awareness. We all were given topics and questions and were divided into groups. Each group had the chance to present their answers and discuss it with the whole class. Presentation done, we finished our assembly with a brief summary of what we’ve discussed. It was really insightful✨

After that we went to the next lessons, we all had different lessons that day and different break times. At break time we all ate at the canteen with our respective classmates. Then continued with our lessons again. At 13.30, all of us went back to the lobby and went to our next destination of the day, New Water Visitor Centre.


After school, we visited the NEWater Visitor Centre where we learned a lot about water conditions in Singapore and how Singapore solves its water problems. Singapore is a small country and has limited access to water sources, so they must process water to filter used water to make it clean. If they don’t do that, they will have to import more water from Malaysia.

During our visit, we learned about various water processing techniques, such as microfiltration, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection, and the quality control process. We were impressed that Singapore, a big country known for its economy and other things, is very concerned about its water problems and has an excellent water management system that allows them to reuse used water to create new water for various purposes.

However, we did not enjoy some aspects of the visit as the place was a bit full of other primary students


We arrived at jewel changi airport. All of us were excited to shop and spend our money. But, before we got our free time, we went to the Irvins outlet. There, they showed us the history of Irvins, how they managed the quality of their product, and also a brief introduction about their brand. Next which was our favorite time “Taster time✨” they gave us samplers of all of their Irvins variants. It tasted delicious, so all of us went crazy on buying those Irvins.

After we finished shopping we went to the indoor waterfall. We took some group and some individual photos there. After taking some photos they gave us free time to explore the Jewel Changi Airport. Finally, the awaited moment which is our “Shopping time!” some of us bought some snacks, some bought shoes, and some of us didn’t buy anything because the price was too expensive (us included)?. Done shopping, we gathered and went back to our bus.


After visiting and shopping at Jewel, we headed to our dinner place named Sing Swe Kee and had chinese food for dinner. Tonight’s menu includes beef, chicken and Hainanese bean sprouts, tofu, and more. The food menu was delicious and we could enjoy our time together with teachers and friends. After that, we returned to the hotel to prepare for tomorrow’s activities.

Today’s activities were full of fun and togetherness. We felt like today was tiring but it was worth because the excitement covered it all. Can’t wait for the upcoming days! ?