“Bittersweet farewell”

This morning started with a beautiful sunrise appearing on our balcony. Followed by Miss Lintang knocking on our door and warned us that we should gather to eat breakfast at 06.30.

The breakfast was delicious and really enjoyed it.

We arrived at Dunman High for the last time today. We started our day there by going to our classes with our buddies. We learned new things academically and we learned a lot of life and manner lessons. They are very disciplined with time and respect the teachers and others. After a few classes, we went to the canteen to lunch. Today, we ate Korean food. After lunch, we continued with a few more classes.

The time has come to say good bye. We exchanged gifts, took lots of photos, gave our best wishes to our buddies, and finally, we said good bye to our buddies, teachers, and other students. Today at school was a mix of emotions, we are happy that we’re going home, but we’re also sad to leave and separate from our buddies and teachers. We ended up saying good bye to the principal and left.

After going to school, we went straight to LTA. LTA also known as Land Transport Authority, it contained all information we needed about Singapore Transportations. LTA had very interesting devices that showed how people repair underground subways. LTA showed us how much we can restrict the production of CO² by walking or using a bike.

After we went to LTA, we went to Plaza Singapore. There the tour guide gave us the meet-up location then we were given some time to shop, for the 8th graders were separated into three groups, each group with different shopping destinations. Some went shopping for clothes some went to buy souvenirs.

After we had a tiring afternoon, we went for dinner. We ate at Simply Peranakan Authentic Asian Cuisine Restaurant. We ate fried chicken, fried kekian vegetable soup, mustard greens, eggs, and dori fish. The taste of fried chicken, fried kekian, and eggs was very tasty. The taste of the vegetable soup was very unique, and the taste of the dory fish was sweet. We all enjoyed it while talking and joking together. After dinner, we went back to the hotel by bus. After arrived, we immediately took a shower and got ready to make a report. We all finished making a report, and we immediately rest.

Five days have passed. This day is our last chance to say goodbye to everyone. Our tour guide, Dunman High School buddies and teachers, then lastly, our Petra friends and teachers. Sadly, we have to leave tomorrow night. We would like to say thank you to Singapore for being a part of our story and also for giving us a chance to run Petra’s Exchange Program successfully. Thank you to Dunman High’s principal, teachers, staff, and students for making us feel welcomed. Dunman buddies, we will miss you so much. Thank you for all of the memories we made and your special presents. This day will be a great history for us. Thank you for everything today, see you tomorrow.

Member of group 1:
1. Nicholas
2. Ethan
3. Darlene
4. Jesslyn
5. Keiza
6. Warren