Group 2 Day 1

Today, we took some beautiful and fun photos together! The weather that time was really good too because it was windy but its pretty warm too. The lion was bigger than I was expecting, it was really crowded too so we have to social distance at some times. After around 45 minutes taking pictures and walking around the place, we had 15 minutes to walk around and buy ourselves some food and drinks, they provide little shops for us to buy the stuffs we need. We bought ourselves food, drinks and also some bought some ice cream. It was a great interesting day today, we enjoyed our time very much today!

We went travelling to the second location, the atrocious China Town, after completing our tour of Merlion Park. We arrived there around 3 p.m. and started exploring the neighborhood. There were numerous tourist attractions and Chinatown is quite large. It has a food or souvenir mart in addition to its own temple. To our surprise, we had to sit on the floor while we were waiting for others.

To make things less awkward, Mr. Nando told us many jokes to lighten the mood. We all bought souvenirs for our friends in Surabaya and we also bought some ice cream on the way back.

After we’ve  done going around to the China Town, It was time for us going to the dinner time . So in the dinner time, we had  some Vietnamese food , all of the food are really good. The food are really good that makes the Senior High School wants more.

Lastly, we met up at our Living Accomodations for the next 5 days, RELC Hotel on Orange Grove road. We stayed in the lobby for about 30 minutes while waiting to check into our Rooms with our friends.

All of us then went into our rooms and took a shower before finally writing the daily Journal/Report.

Highlight of the day : It was really great for us to have lots of great foods such as the dinner and lunch, in which we had Vietnamese and Chinese food.

Group 2:
Helena Hartanto
Keisha Mandy Lauw
Rhema Jordan Tesalonika     
Cullen Nikolay Soetanto       
Rafael Aditya C.