Group 2 Day 2

Today is our second day in Singapore to be precise on april 3rd 2023. This day would be a very exciting day because today is our first day at Dunman School. From the start before arriving in Singapore, we were all really looking forward to meeting our friends who were there. Surely we can make lots of friends there and tell each other stories. Our schedule after school was to go to the Garden By The Bay and explore there. Today would be a great day.

Starting from the morning, we were all required to wake up around 5 am so that we were not late for Dunman School. Last night before we went to sleep, we were all given room keys and told our room mates while in Singapore. I am in the same room as Darlene. After we both woke up, Darlene and I went straight to the bathroom and brushed our teeth then washed our faces. Then we both went to Jesslyn’s room to get ready. The other girls have also gathered there to get ready. We all got ready, prepared gifts for our friends there, changed to our uniform while telling stories and listening to songs. It was so fun.

At 7 am we were all told to gather in front of the elevator and go to the 4th floor for breakfast at RELC Cafe. However, this morning there was a slight problem. Jesslyn and Keiza left their cards in the room so they couldn’t have breakfast because we need room cards to be able to eat at the cafe. Finally, they both went to the receptionist and asked for a spare key. Jesslyn and Keiza were finally able to have breakfast with us after getting the spare key. All high school and junior high school students have breakfast in the same place. We can all take the food that has been provided. There are fried noodles, sausages, salads, bread, and even porridge. I chose cereal for breakfast. After that, I ate porridge for breakfast because we could take the toppings as we like. Mandy and Darlene took noodles and sausages for breakfast. All the food there is very rich of flavors.

The breakfast was so good, let’s move to our journey today. It is the place we are really nervous or maybe excited to go to and it’s also our main destination in Singapore. During the way to Dunman Singapore High School, most of us were very nervous because we will feel a new environment and new things we can learn. When we arrived to the new school we are  attending, our new buddies from Singapore greeted us with a great heart and they were very friendly, it seems like we’ve known each other for a very long time. We went to the auditorium, it was very big and we took a group photo for great memories. A fter that we had to follow our buddies’ school schedule and followed them everywhere around the school. Honestly introducing yourself is very hard but quite fun too, our buddies were very welcoming and they helped us to look around the school to see what they have in their school. We joined their lessons and learnt how the teachers teach us. In my opinion, the lessons are quiet challenging because their language were also pretty difficult and really different with our language that we speak in Indonesia, but it’s okay it was still enjoyable. I tried my best to fit in and they were all very friendly, after some time it’s finally break time we went to the canteen with our buddies and there are a lot of stands of foods and drinks we can buy. The food was pretty good, overall today was a great experience in school!

The highlight of the day was getting to see both the Flower Dome and the renowned Tropical Rainforests. We walked around the Flower Dome admiring the international flora. lush grounds and lovely flowers. We all found that to be enjoyable to see.It was a pleasure to stroll around the Flower Dome. That was an incredible event, and we all shot pictures of our group and the beautiful plants. We then went to the well-known Cloud Forest.

After we have been to the Flower Dome, we went to Cloud Forest. The view was really good. There are a lot of good place that we can take a picture in it. They have this machine that can make some cloud in order to make the cloudy effect.

After our tour was already over, we all decided to get some food. Ms. Priscilla, our tour guide, suggested that we ate at Straits Chinese Signature, a restaurant near to Marina Bay Sands. As you may expect, the restaurant offers Chinese cuisine. Fishball soup, fried fish, chicken katsu, omlette, french fries, bokcoy, and keikian were among the dishes that Ms. Hariati ordered for us. The chicken katsu was really excellent since it was tender and incredibly crispy. The second-best choice is fishball soup, that warms our bodies and has a soothing broth. We purchased a pretty good iced tea after dinner, but for me it was not worth it at all, it costs 10 dollars. After that we got into the bus and headed to our next location which is the hotel to rest and write a report.

Group 2:
Helena Hartanto
Keisha Mandy Lauw
Rhema Jordan Tesalonika     
Cullen Nikolay Soetanto       
Rafael Aditya C.