“Delightful day”

Another morning for another fun activity! Before we started to do the activities, we had to fill up our energy with food and water. The day started off with us eating breakfast in the hotel. Everyday there are a lot of new kind of foods and drinks to pick.

We had kwetiau, bread, cereal, veggies, porridge
and more. The food looked delicious but the drinks was also the same too, there were blueberry water, lime water and water. They tasted delicious! This morning, we had around an hour to eat breakfast, from 7:00 am until 8:00 am. After we ate breakfast, we went to the bus and started our activities for today. After breakfast, we got on our bus and went to Dunman High School for lessons. Once we arrived, we met up with our buddies and headed to our classes. Firstly, we took part in the Flag Raising before continuing with the lessons.

We all had lessons ranging from Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, PE, English, Chinese, History, Geography, and more.

Here are some of the materials we learnt from our lessons:
We learnt about Roots in Mathematics, Essay Analysis, Soundwaves in Physics, Cells in Biology, Table Tennis in PE, Singaporean History, etc.

We all finished our lessons at around 2PM and went to the meet up point at the school lobby to transfer to our next destination.

After finishing up our schedule in Dunman, we then began to start our journey of the day. Turns out we were going to a perfume to a perfume centre called “Oo La Lab”. We learnt so much about the company’s history and we also learnt about making a perfume ourselves! We learnt that there are so much components for making a single bottle of perfume such as fresh, floral, oriental, woods, and complex. Most of us chose a fresh element for our bottle of perfume. The instructors there were very helpful and great! We got so much inspiration for our scent from them too. After we finished making our perfume, we took a group photo with the instructors and the teachers. After that, we’re done and we got to the bus to continue to our next location.

After we have finished going to the Oo La Lab or perfume workshop, we went to Vivo to eat dinner and shopping. It takes about 15-20 minutes to go to Vivo. The way to go to Vivo was really great. There are a lot of trees and flowers. After we arrived at Vivo, we went straight to the restaurant. We went to a Chinese restaurant, namely bak kut teh. Bak kut teh is also located inside Vivo mall. As the name suggests, the most famous food from this restaurant is bay kut. After we sat down, they immediately served the first meal which was rice with soy sauce pork. Different from the previous restaurants, they served rice per bowl for one person. The soy sauce pork was very soft and the spices were very tasty. We were also given cold fresh tea. Our second meal was given cakue and also vegetables with slightly sour spices. The cake was very tasty and also crunchy. The last food we eat was baykut. The baykut that was served was still very warm so it was very delicious when it was eaten. The taste of the baykut sauce was also very delicious and the meat was very tender.

After, We have already done eating, our teachers let us to have a free time to go around shopping. However, before that, we need to discuss the meeting point. After we were done discussing the meeting point, we went around to buy souvenirs for our family and friends. After 6.50, we met again at the meeting point, which is in G2000. Today was a really delightful day.

Helena Hartanto
Keisha Mandy Lauw
Rhema Jordan Tesalonika
Cullen Nikolay Soetanto
Rafael Aditya C.