“Bon Voyage”

Today is the day we might not be waiting for, but it has to come to an end for our adventure in Singapore. But before that, we had some time to eat breakfast to get more energy for today. We got called at 7:30 am to get ready for breakfast at 8:00 am; before that, we have to pack our things to directly check out of the hotel later on. 

Everyone was hungry and we had a lot of choices to pick from. There were sausages, bread, cereal, noodles, bakpao, veggies and much more. Everyone had a great meal and breakfast today. After breakfast we went in the bus to go to our first destination.

Next thing that we must do before leaving the hotel was to check out. After we all had our breakfast, the teachers told us to get back to our room to take the room key. We also needed to recheck all of our belonging so there is no stuff left in the room. 

The next thing we did, we went downstair again to give back our room key to the registration. After all done, we gathered together and waited for the bus to arrive.

After that, we got in to the bus and we were heading to the Science Centre. After we arrived at our destination, we went inside to explore the place, we didn’t take a picture first because we didnt have enough time, so after we have done exploring we could take a group picture. When we came inside there are a lot of painting, picture, sclupture, ilustration,demonstration,etc. After we have done exploring we went outside to buy some souvenirs. Next we go and take a group picture. 

After we were done with our last tour at Science Centre, we are going to have lunch at a mall near there, surprisingly, we were eating at an all you can eat restaurant. After we arrived, we started heading to the restaurant at Marina Square mall at level 3. Since it’s an all you can eat restaurant, we took so much food all at once. Our favourite dish there was the blackpepper beef and spicy chicken. There was also a hotpot too! We took so much food there also the funny part is that we took so much we almost couldnt finished it. There were also some free ice cream for us to enjoy after eating. After eating, we actually got 30 minutes of free time and since it was quick, most of us only bought some boba tea. 30 minutes ended and we got to the meeting point that has been assigned from Ms. Priscilla, our tour guide. After all that eventually we got in to the bus together and continuing our last destination in Singapore which would be the airport.

Finally, after 6 days in Singapore, we finally finished our journey here. We all had good times exploring Singapore and meeting new friends. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. 

We finally headed to Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport where we checked ourselves and our luggage in before we went into the shopping district. We all split up and went shopping, some of us got snacks and some of us got souvenirs for our friends and family. 

We then went on to check all our bags into customs and waited in front of the gate to enter the plane. We all talked about all the good and bad experiences we had in Singapore, it was a very emotional moment for all of us because we had spent the last 6 days together. 

Then, the announcement for boarding sounded. We all got into our plane, Garuda 855. We all took a seat in the plane before the plane finally took off. Thankfully, we landed back in Surabaya safely and met back up with our families. 

Tons of love and joy,
Rafael, Mandy, Helena, Rhema, Cullen.