Group 3 Day 2

Today was the second day of the student exchange program. We started the day by waking up early, around 05.00. At 07.00 we went downstairs to have breakfast. Keiza and Jesslyn got locked out of their own rooms because they brought the wrong key. They accidentally brought Helena and Darlene’s key. The breakfast’s food was tasty. Unexpectedly, it rained hard so we had to put on our raincoats and umbrellas to go to our bus. The bus’ floor was fully wet.

Then, the trip from RELC hotel to Dunman high school only took fifteen to twenty minutes. A few minutes before arriving, we saw a glance of Dunman – we were immediately shocked by how big and grand the school looked. As soon as we got to the school,  we were greeted by the buddies. Then, the DHS and Petra buddies walked to an auditorium.  As we were walking, we saw a huge Confucius statue with trees circling it. The Petra and DHS buddies happily reinforced our relationship with one another – they were very friendly and welcoming. After a few minutes, we gathered at the school auditorium. There was a tangible sense of excitement ringing the hall. Then, we continued and followed our activities along with our buddies.

At 2pm we had to say goodbye to our buddies because a sightseeing adventure awaited us. We then proceeded with our trip to the enchanting Gardens By The Bay. We were welcomed by a short drizzle as we took a quick group photo session under the rain by the ‘Gardens By The Bay’ sign. Our first stop in our sightseeing adventure, the Flower Dome was the perfect way to display the radiant floral collection of our mother earth. The greens were painted with a variety of flowers and a blow of chill, fresh air. With all of them arranged together, it was a masterpiece!

Next on our itinerary was the Cloud Forest. As we went in, we could see an enormous tree right in the middle of the ‘forest’. It wasn’t long until we realized it was actually an attraction we could enter as well. A few phototaking sessions later, we found ourselves strolling through a bridge at the top of the tree where we could gaze upon the extraordinary view of Marina Bay Sands outside. As our trip came to an end, it was time for us to go on with dinner.

After our extraordinary trip to the Garden By The Bay, we went to Straits Chinese restaurant for dinner. We were served fishball soup, fried fish, chicken katsu, omelette, french fries, rice, sifulut, bokcoy with a plate of orange slices and watermelon for dessert. It was just the refreshment we needed from our exhausting trip.

Once dinner was done, we returned to the hotel. We arrived at the hotel at 7 pm. Mrs. Hariati immediately gave a detailed briefing about tomorrow’s activities. Then, we headed back to our rooms, took a shower and made a report. Today was quite an exhausting day but our eyes truly were pampered by the sightseeing in Gardens By The Bay.

Group 3:
Kelly Michelle Wang
Marcio Sandy Moniaga
Tatiana Laory
Iglesta Narwastu Prawira
Calvin Tanardhi Setiawan