Group 3 Day 3

At five in the morning, all of the Petra students woke up and got dressed for our second day of school. We soon gathered to have breakfast at seven – the food was delicious! We had potato wedges, salad, sausages, scramble eggs, and pasta. With food brewing busily in our stomaches, we went to the bus and quickly arrived at school.

When we arrived at school it turned out that the bus we were using could not enter the school because we arrived late, so we immediately ran to the school lobby. After we arrived at the school lobby, we met our buddies. They asked us to walk down the hall to take part in the assembly. After a few minutes in the hall, we moved to the auditorium as we listened to a presentation regarding organ transplantation and organ functions. Once the assembly was over, we went straight to class for lessons. At 1.15 pm, everyone went to the school lobby, waiting for our ride. After the bus arrived, we said our goodbyes to our buddies and got on the bus.

As a vastly growing nation, Singapore has been facing problems with natural resources such as water throughout its history. Therefore, it was essential for us to understand the method of recycling water Singapore has been using for the past few centuries. Today, that was exactly what we learnt in the NEWater Centre after school. We went through a series of rooms and explanations on how every drop of water can be recycled and used for more than one time.

The whole process of explaining water recycling was quite difficult for us to digest. However, our trip to Jewel Changi Airport was the perfect cool-down for us! At the moment we set foot into the huge, gem-shaped mall, we rushed to the

IRVINS Salted Egg store for a short walkthrough on IRVINS’ journey to its success. After the presentation, we were given the honorable privilege to taste every single IRVINS product which eventually lured us into burning money to buy some of IRVINS’ best snacks!

Once everyone was satisfied with all our scavenging for snacks, the iconic Jewel Waterfall became our highlighted phototaking spot for today. Our hearts were fueled by excitement, knowing what was going to happen after the session. We instantly scattered in packs around the mall for a shopping spree after taking photos. Not a single person returned with empty hands! As our free time was finally over, we went back to the bus for the trip to dinner.

After gathering up near the exit of Changi Airport, we went inside our bus. It took quite a while to arrive at the restaurant. It was called “Sing Swee Kee Chicken Rice”. We took our seats and drank tea.  Then the food was served, they were chicken, rice, more chicken, tofu, duck, spring rolls and more. Like the previous dinners, the vegetables came last, when we were all already done with our dinner. The food was delicious, but the portion was smaller than yesterday’s.

After our exciting day of shopping, we reached the hotel at 8pm where we went straight to our rooms to shower. As usual, the journal was made in Iglesta and Calvin’s room at 9pm. We took the chance to reflect on everything we had experienced today and prepared for the next day.

Group 3:
Kelly Michelle Wang
Marcio Sandy Moniaga
Tatiana Laory
Iglesta Narwastu Prawira     
Calvin Tanardhi Setiawan