The Fragrance of Responsibility

Today (05/04/23) started just like any other day – waking up early and getting breakfast. What was different today is that it was raining heavily! Hence, we all swiftly put on our raincoats and opened our umbrellas. Thankfully, all of us got into the bus safely and we soon arrived at Dunman High School. We then got greeted by our buddies and continued with our school activities.

From our hotel, we got straight to school. After arriving at school, we went straight to our respective classes and followed the lesson. There were some students who followed chemistry practicum. They said that the practicum was very exciting. After the exciting lessons, students gathered in the school lobby at 2 p.m.

Our first activity after school was to attend a Parfume Workshop in Oo La Labs to create our own unique parfumes. It was a great opportunity for us to be creative and experiment on the different parfume combinations. The sweet and refreshing fragrance of parfume danced into our nostrils as we entered the room. It was surprisingly easy to blend the liquids into a perfume, which encouraged us even more to keep exploring the different aromas to mingle with.

After having fun in the perfume workshop “Oo La Lab”, we went to Vivo Mall to go shopping and had dinner together. We arrived after 10-15 minutes and had dinner at a restaurant named “Song Fa Bak Kut Teh”. We took turns sitting in groups of 8 and 4. The food were soon served and they were delicious, especially the soup. We were allowed to have refills for the soup and tea.

With our bellies fully satisfied, we continued with our shopping in Vivo City. The students separated into their groups with the teacher by their side throughout their journey around the mall. Aside from the fact that we got to buy even more souvenirs, our shopping trip this time was way more discipline and organized. Everyone was already gathering in the meeting point before the meeting time.

At the end of the day, around 7.50 pm, we arrived at the hotel and got a brief announcement as a reminder for tomorrow’s plans. We actually finished most of our journal throughout today’s activities, so that night was not as hectic as the other days were.

Today, we have learned that although it might sound simple, we were really proud that we could actually practise obedience and become an individual who does not prioritize themselves over others.

Kelly Michelle Wang
Marcio Sandy Moniaga
Tatiana Laory
Iglesta Narwastu Prawira
Calvin Tanardhi Setiawan